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Dyskografia Neil'a Young'a

Tytuł albumu                Artysta                Rok   Wydawca
Buffalo Springfield         Buffalo Springfield    1967  Atlantic
Buffalo Springfield Again   Buffalo Springfield    1967  Atlantic
Last Time Around            Buffalo Springfield    1968  Atlantic
Retrospective               Buffalo Springfield    1968  Atlantic
Neil Young                  Neil Young             1969  Reprise
Everybody Knows...Nowhere   Neil & Crazy Horse     1969  Reprise
Deja Vu                     C, S, N, & Y           1970  Atlantic
After The Gold Rush         Neil Young             1970  Reprise
4 Way Street                C, S, N, & Y           1971  Atlantic
Harvest                     Neil Young             1972  Reprise
Journey Through The Past    Neil Young             1972  Reprise
Buffalo Springfield         Buffalo Springfield    1973  Atlantic
Time Fades Away             Neil Young             1973  Reprise
So Far                      C, S, N, & Y           1974  Atlantic
On The Beach                Neil Young             1974  Reprise
Tonight's The Night         Neil Young             1975  Reprise
Zuma                        Neil & Crazy Horse     1975  Reprise
Long May You Run            Stills/Young Band      1976  Reprise
Decade                      Neil Young             1976  Reprise
Greatest Hits               Buffalo Springfield    1977  Atlantic
American Stars & Bars       Neil Young             1977  Reprise
Comes A Time                Neil Young             1978  Reprise
Rust Never Sleeps           Neil & Crazy Horse     1979  Reprise
Live Rust                   Neil & Crazy Horse     1979  Reprise
Hawks And Doves             Neil Young             1980  Reprise
Re-ac-tor                   Neil & Crazy Horse     1981  Reprise
Trans                       Neil Young             1982  Geffen
Everybody's Rockin'         Neil & Shocking Pinks  1983  Geffen
Old Ways                    Neil Young             1985  Geffen
Greatest Hits               Neil Young (w/various) 1987  Reprise
Landing On Water            Neil Young             1986  Geffen
Life                        Neil & Crazy Horse     1987  Geffen
American Dream              C, S, N, & Y           1988  Atlantic
This Note's For You         Neil Young             1988  Reprise
Eldorado                    Neil & The Restless    1989  Reprise
Freedom                     Neil Young             1989  Reprise
Ragged Glory                Neil & Crazy Horse     1990  Reprise
Weld                        Neil & Crazy Horse     1991  Reprise
Arc-Weld                    Neil & Crazy Horse     1991  Reprise
Arc                         Neil & Crazy Horse     1991  Reprise
Harvest Moon                Neil Young             1992  Reprise
Lucky Thirteen              Neil Young             1993  Geffen
Unplugged                   Neil Young             1993  Reprise
Sleeps With Angels          Neil & Crazy Horse     1994  Reprise
Mirror Ball                 Neil & Pearl Jam       1995  Reprise
Dead Man (Soundtrack)       Neil Young             1996  Vapor
Broken Arrow                Neil & Crazy Horse     1996  Reprise
Year of the Horse           Neil & Crazy Horse     1997  Reprise
Looking Forward             C, S, N, & Y           1999  Warner
Silver & Gold               Neil Young             2000  Warner
Road Rock Vol. 1 (Live)     Neil Young             2000  Warner

W opracowaniu ujęto także albumy niewymienione powyżej.

Neil Young and The Squires (1963 or 1964, V records ??)
The Sultan

The Sultan

Produced by Harry Taylor

Musicians: Neil Young:  Lead Guitar
    Allan Bates:  Rhythm Guitar
    Ken Koblun:  Bass
    Ken Smyth:  Drums

Notes: This is Neil's first single.  These were instrumentals recorded by Neil and the Squires.  It was recorded on July 23, 1963 in CKRC studios in Winnipeg as a two-track recording, and it was only released locally.  The master tapes are, apparently, lost forever.  The versions that should appear on the highly anticipated Neil Young Box Set, "Archives", are taped from a copy of the single and cleaned up. These were the only two songs ever released that the Squires recorded.  They did record later in Thunder Bay (then Fort William), but these songs were never released.  These songs were "I'll Love you Forever", "I Wonder" (an early "Don't Cry    No Tears"), and "Together Alone".  All have vocals and all are now in Neil's possession (he got them from the producer when he visited Thunder Bay in '92).  They also recorded 6 or 7 songs (apparently) in Toronto.  These to are now in Neil's possession.
[This entire album information is courtesy UMD]

Buffalo Springfield (2/1967, Atlantic Atco Sd 33-200)
The Buffalo Springfield

For What It's Worth   [2:37]
Go And Say Goodbye    [2:19]
Sit Down I Think I Love You   [2:30]
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing*  [3:26]
Hot Dusty Roads    [2:47]
Everybody's Wrong    [2:22]
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong*   [2:48]
Burned*     [2:14]
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It* [3:00]
Leave      [2:42]
Out Of My Mind*    [3:05]
Pay The Price     [2:35]

Produced by Charles Greene and Brian Stone "A York-Pala Production"

Musicians: Dewey Martin: Vocals, Drummer
           Steve Stills: Vocals, 2nd Lead Guitar
           Richie Furay: Vocals, Rhythm Guitarist
           Neil Young:   Vocals, Piano, Lead Guitarist
           Bruce Palmer: Bass

Notes: (*) written by Neil Young
Liner notes have the '67 description of Neil: brown & green, leather & suede, midnight, scorpio, free, deep & dark, winnipeg, hot & cold, wild sense of humor, hearses

Buffalo Springfield Again (12/1967, Atlantic SD 33-226)
The Buffalo Springfield

Mr. Soul*   [2:35]
A Child's Claim to Fame [2:09]
Everydays   [2:38]
Expecting to Fly*  [3:39]
Bluebird   [4:28]
Hung Upside Down  [3:24]
Sad Memory   [3:00]
Good Time Boy   [2:11]
Rock & Roll Woman  [2:44]
Broken Arrow*   [6:13]

Produced by Steven Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Ahmet Ertegun,
            Dewey Martin, Jack Nitzsche, Charlie Chin, and Brian

Musicians: Neil Young:   Vocals, Guitar
           Steven Stills:  Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Electric Piano
           Richie Furay:  Vocals, Guitar
           Dewey Martin:  Vocals, Drums
           Bruce Palmer:  Bass
           James Burton:  Dobro
           Jim Fielder:  Bass
           Jack Nitzsche:  Electric Piano
           Don Randi:   Grand Piano
           Bobby West:   Bass
           Charlie Chin:  Banjo

Notes: (*) written by Neil Young
As the name implies this was Buffalo Springfield's 2nd album. Neil, Steven, Richie, Dewey, and Bruce more or less comprised The Buffalo Springfield.  Noteable musicians include Jack Nitzsche and Steven Stills.  Jack plays on several other Neil Young albums and also produces a few.  Steven Stills is the same Stills in Crosby, Stills, and Nash (and sometimes Young).

Last Time Around (7/18/68, Atlantic SD 33-256)
The Buffalo Springfield

On the Way Home*   [2:25]
It's So Hard To Wait**   [2:03]
Pretty Girl Why   [2:24]
Four Days Gone    [2:53]
Carefree Country Day   [2:35]
Special Care    [3:30]
The Hour of Not Quite Rain  [3:45]
Questions    [2:52]
I Am a Child*    [2:15]
Merry-Go-Round    [2:02]
Uno Mundo    [2:00]
Kind Woman    [4:10]

Produced by Jim Messina

Musicians: Richie Furay
           Steven Stills
           Neil Young
           Jim Messina
           Micki Callen
    Dewey Martin

Notes: (*) by Neil Young
       (**) by Neil Young and Richie Furay
 This was The Buffalo Springfield's last released album. Another album was worked on (Stampede), but was never released. Jim Messina is the same Messina in the early-70s group "Loggins and Messina".  They had a few hits like "Crying Eyes" and the song that goes something like "You're mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll".  The Loggins in "Loggins and Messina" is Kenny Loggins of Footloose fame.

Retrospective - The Best of Buffalo Springfield (3/69, Atlantic 38105)
Buffalo Springfield

For What It's Worth   [3:00]
Mr. Soul    [2:35]
Sit Down, I Think I Love You  [2:30]
Kind Woman    [4:10]
Bluebird    [4:28]
On The Way Home   [2:25]
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing [3:26]
Broken Arrow    [6:13]
Rock And Roll Woman   [2:44]
I Am A Child    [2:15]
Go And Say Goodbye   [2:19]
Expecting To Fly   [3:39]

Producers and musicians: see above

Neil Young (1/69, Reprise 6317)
Neil Young

The Emperor Of Wyoming    [2:14]
The Loner     [3:55]
If I Could Have Her Tonight   [2:15]
I've Been Waiting For You   [2:30]
The Old Laughing Lady*    [5:05]
String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill+  [1:04]
Here We Are In The Years   [3:27]
What Did You Do To My Life?   [2:00]
I've Loved Her So Long*   [2:40]
The Last Trip To Tulsa    [9:25]

Produced by: Dave Briggs and Neil Young, except
(+)&(*) produced and arranged by Jack Nitzsche, Ryland Cooder and Neil Young

Musicians: Neil Young: Guitar, Vocals
           Jim Messina: Bass
    George Grantham: Drums
[musician list courtesy FW]

Vocal Background on (*): Patrice Holloway
    Brenda Holloway
    Merry Clayton
    Sherlie Matthews
    Gloria Richetta Jones
    Gracia Nitzsche

Notes: "String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill" is a Jack Nitzsche

Ryland Cooder is also known as Ry Cooder. His first band was the legendary Rising Sons (an LA band that included Taj Mahal ... recently issued on CD for the first time ever).  Cooder plays slide guitar on a whole bunch of great records made in the late '60s, early '70s.  He's on Randy Newmans "12 Songs", the first Crazy Horse album,  Little Feat's Debut album, a couple of Stone's tunes ("Memo from Turner" and "Sister Morphine" come to mind), a few Captain Beefheart albums, and many others.  He also made a bunch of great "roots" records during the '70s & '80s.  Most recently, he has joined forces with John Hiatt and appears on Hiatt's masterpiece "Bring The Family" and is currently a member of the band Little Village (Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, John Hiatt and Jim Keltner). [KIM]

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (7/69, Reprise 2282)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Cinnamon Girl     [2:58]
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere  [2:26]
Round & Round (It Won't Be Long)*  [5:49]
Down By The River    [9:13]
The Losing End (When You're On)  [4:03]
Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets)** [5:30]
Cowgirl In The Sand          [10:03]

Produced by David Briggs and Neil Young

     Crazy Horse (#1):
      Neil Young: Guitar, Vocals
      Danny Whitten: Guitar
      Billy Talbot: Bass
      Ralph Molina: Drums

     Robin Lane: vocals on (*)
     Bobby Notkoff: violin on (**)

Notes: While recording his first album, Neil Young met a band called The Rockets who were made up of Whitten, Talbot, Molina, and a few others.  Neil recruited Whitten, Talbot, and Molina as his band, and named them Crazy Horse [JM].  This album was recorded in just two weeks.

Strawberry Statement - Original Soundtrack (1970, MGM Records 2SE-14ST)
Various Artists

The Circle Game  - Buffy Sainte-Marie
Market Basket   - (Theme from "Strawberry Statement")
Down By The River  - Neil Young
Long Time Gone   - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Cyclatron   - (Theme from "SS")
Something In The Air  - Thunderclap Newman
Also Sprach Zarathustra - Karl Bohm & The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
The Loner   - Neil Young
Coit Tower   - (Theme from "SS)
Fishin' Blues   - The Red Mountain Jug Band
Concerto In D-Minor  - Conducted by Ian Freebairn-Smith
Helpless   - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Pocket Band   - (Theme from "SS)
Give Peace A Chance  - performed by the cast of the film

Notes: This is, of course, the soundtrack to the movie, "Strawberry Statement".  It's a mix of rock songs, classical pieces and the incidental movie music.  All of the Neil/CSN/CSN&Y tracks here are the standard studio cuts.  This album was recently reissued on CD, but the info here is from the vinyl release.  [This entire album  information is courtesy DGS]

Woodstock (1970, Cotillion SD 3-500)
Various Artists

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes** [8:11]
Sea Of Madness*  [3:24]
Wooden Ships   [5:27]

Produced by Eric Blackstead

Musicians: David Crosby: Vocals, Guitar
    Stephen Stills: Vocals, Guitar
           Graham Nash:  Vocals, Guitar
    Neil Young:  Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Notes: (*) by Neil Young
       (**) Neil did not play on this song
 This album is a 3-record soundtrack to the Woodstock documentary.  One of the acts at Woodstock was CSN/Y.  The songs listed above are the CSN/Y songs that appear on the album.

Deja Vu (3/70, Atlantic SD 7200)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Carry On   [4:25]
Teach Your Children  [2:53]
Almost Cut My Hair  [4:25]
Helpless*   [3:30]
Woodstock   [3:52]
Deja vu   [4:10]
Our House   [2:59]
4+20    [1:55]
Country Girl*   [5:05]
 a Whiskey Boot Hill
 b Down, Down, Down
 c "Country Girl" (I Think You're Pretty)
Everybody I Love You**  [2:20]

Produced by CSNY

Musicians: David Crosby: Vocals, Guitar
    Stephen Stills: Vocals, Guitar
           Graham Nash:  Vocals, Guitar
    Neil Young:  Vocals, Guitar
    Dallas Taylor:  Drums
    Gregory Reeves:  Bass
           Jerry Garcia:  Steel Guitar
           John Sebastian:  Mouth Harp

Notes: (*) by Neil Young
       (**) by Stephen Stills & Neil Young
 Jerry Garcia is one of the band members of The Grateful Dead, and John Sebastian is formerly of The Lovin' Spoonful.  This album is one of the few albums in history that has achieved a legendary status.  Many of these songs are used in various audio and video productions to represent the late 60s era.

After The Gold Rush (July 1970, Reprise 2283)
Neil Young

Tell Me Why     [2:54]
After The Goldrush    [3:45]
Only Love Can Break Your Heart   [3:05]
Southern Man     [5:41]
Till The Morning Comes    [1:17]
Oh, Lonesome Me    [3:47]
Don't Let It Bring You Down   [2:56]
Birds      [2:34]
When You Dance I Can Really Love [3:44]
I Believe In You    [2:24]
Cripple Creek Ferry    [1:34]

Produced by Neil Young & David Briggs with Kendall Pacios

     Bass: Billy Talbot, Greg Reeves
     Piano: Neil Young, Jack Nitzsche, Nils Lofgren
     Drums: Ralph Molina
     Guitars: Neil Young, Danny Whitten
     Vocals: Neil Young, Danny Whitten, Nils Lofgren, Steven Stills, Ralph Molina
     Harmonica: Neil Young
     Vibes: Neil Young
     Patches (on album cover): Susan Young (Neil's 1st wife)

Notes: Most of these songs were inspired by a screenplay for the movie "After The Goldrush", which was never actually filmed.  The screenplay was co-written by Dean Stockwell, who designed the cover  for _American_Stars_&_Bars_, and stars in the American TV show "Quantum Leap."
 The southern band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, did not like how Neil's songs, "Southern Man" and "Alabama" (on _Harvest_), perpetuated the myth that all American Southerners live in cabins and lynch Afro-Americans (even though a few Southerners still do!) [RLR]. In fact, Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote the song "Sweet Home, Alabama" in reply to Neil and actually mention his name!  Despite all this, Neil and Lynyrd Skynyrd are not really agitated with each other, and Neil once joined Lynyrd Skynyrd on stage to play "Sweet Home Alabama" (or so its rumored) [RS]!  Also, Neil originally wrote "Sedan Delivery" and "Powderfinger" for Lynyrd Skynyrd, who never recorded them.
"Oh, Lonesome Me" is a Don Gibson cover.
In the liner notes for this album, there is a track listing written in Neil's handwriting.  Apparently, this was the set list for a concert [JM].  Most of the songs in the list are currently unreleased songs.  Here is the listing:

  1.  Oh Lonesome Me
  2.  Wondering
  3.  Everybody's Alone
  4.  Sugar Mountain
  5.  Sea Of Madness
  6.  Big Waves
  7.  Dance, Dance, Dance
  8.  Birds
  9.  I Need Her Love To Get By

       [list from DGS]

Woodstock Two (1971, Cotillion SD 2-400)
Various Artists

Guinnevere  [5:04]
4+20   [2:10]
Marrakesh Express [2:09]

Produced by ??

Musicians: David Crosby: Vocals, Guitar
    Stephen Stills: Vocals, Guitar
           Graham Nash:  Vocals, Guitar
    Neil Young:  Vocals, Guitar

Notes: This album is a second album of music from the Woodstock festival.  One of the acts at Woodstock was CSN/Y.  The songs listed above are the CSN/Y songs that appear on the album.  The album does not say if Neil actually played on these songs, but it is known that he at least played piano on "Marrakesh Express" [DGS].  He may have played on the other songs as well.

4 Way Street (2/71, Atlantic SD 2-902)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes    [0:24]
On The Way Home*    [3:19]
Teach Your Children    [2:46]
Triad      [5:07]
The Lee Shore     [4:14]
Chicago     [3:03]
Right Between The Eyes    [2:19]
Cowgirl In The Sand*    [3:50]
Don't Let It Bring You Down*   [2:35]
49 Bye Byes / America's Children [5:30]
Love The One You're With   [2:57]
King Midas In Reverse +
Laughing +
Black Queen +
Medley:* +
  The Loner
  Cinnamon Girl
  Down By The River
Pre-Road Downs     [2:48]
Long Time Gone     [5:33]
Southern Man*    [13:15]
Ohio*      [3:24]
Carry On           [13:06]
Find The Cost of Freedom   [2:16]

Produced by CSNY

Musicians: David Crosby: Vocals, Guitar
    Stephen Stills: Vocals, Guitar
           Graham Nash:  Vocals, Guitar
    Neil Young:  Vocals, Guitar
           Johnny Barbata:  Drums
           Calvin Samuels:  Bass

Notes: (*) by Neil Young.
This is a CSNY Live Album recorded at the Fillmore East, New York, June 2-7, 1970; Chicago Auditorium, Chicago Ill., July 5, 1970; and The Forum, LA, June 26-28, 1970.  Unfortunately, some of the songs do not show the group at their best.  In fact, C, S, and Y did not want this album released on CD because of this, but, alas, the CD was finally released in Japan in early 1990 and everywhere else during the Summer of 1992.  The 1992 CD release has 4 bonus tracks which are marked by a (+).
 A few of the songs are performed solo by their writers, and are good.  Especially Neil's acoustic version of "Cowgirl In The Sand" and "Don't Let It Bring You Down".  Also, there are several between-song comments that are cool to hear.

If I Could Only Remember My Name.... (1971, Atlantic SD-7203)
David Crosby

Music Is Love*      [3:16]
Cowboy Movie      [8:02]
Tamalpais High (At About 3)    [3:28]
Laughing       [5:20]
What Are Their Names*     [4:09]
Traction In The Rain     [3:40]
Song With No Words     [5:53]
Orleans      [1:56]
I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here [1:19]

Produced by David Crosby

Have Something to do with Album:
 David Crosby
 Graham Nash
 Neil Young
 Jerry Garcia
 Joni Mitchell
 David Geffen
 Grace Slick
 David Frieberg
 Ethan Crosby (David's brother [DGS])
 Mickey Hart
 Henry Diltz
 Laura Allen
 Phil Lesh
 Paul Kantner
 Bill Kreutzmann
 Michael Shrieve
 Jack Casady
 Jorma Kaukonen
 Gary Burden
 Ronald Stone
 Stephen Barncard
 Elliot Roberts
 Gregg Rolie
 Robert Hammer

Notes: (*) Neil helped write these songs
       This is a David Crosby solo album.

Harvest (February 1972, Reprise 2277)
Neil Young & The Stray Gators

Out On The Weekend    [4:35]
Harvest     [3:03]
A Man Needs A Maid*    [4:00]
Heart Of Gold     [3:05]
Are You Ready For The Country?   [3:21]
Old Man     [3:22]
There's A World*    [3:00]
Alabama     [4:02]
The Needle And The Damage Done+  [2:00]
Words (Between The Lines Of Age) [6:42]

Produced by Elliot Mazer & Neil Young, except (*) by
Jack Nitzsche and (+) by Henry Lewy & Neil Young

     Stray Gators:
      Ben Keith: Steel Guitar
      Kenny Buttrey: Drums
      Tim Drummond: Bass
      Jack Nitzsche: Piano & Slide Guitar

     John Harris: Piano on "Harvest"
     London Symphony Orchestra on (*)
     Linda Ronstadt: vocals on "Heart Of Gold" and "Old Man"
     James Taylor: vocals on "Heart Of Gold", vocals and Banjo on "Old Man"
     David Crosby: vocals on "Are You Ready For The Country" and "Alabama"
     Steven Stills: vocals on "Alabama" and "Words"
     Graham Nash: vocals on "Are You Ready For The Country" and "Words"
     Nicolette Larson: vocals

Notes: This was one of Neil's most popular albums.  This is also Ben Keith's first appearance.  Ben has played on several Neil Young albums; he even plays Alto Sax as a member of The Blue Notes.

Journey Through The Past (11/72, Warner Bros. 2XS 6480)
Neil Young

For What It's Worth** / Mr. Soul*
Rock & Roll Woman**
Find The Cost of Freedom**
Southern Man*
Are You Ready For The Country*
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Relativity Invitation
Handel's Messiah
King of Kings
Let's Go Away For Awhile***

Produced by Neil Young & L. A. Johnson, except (***) by Brian Wilson

Notes: (*) by Neil Young
       (**) by Stephen Stills
       (***) by The Beach Boys (from _Pet Sounds_)

 This is the soundtrack to Neil Young's movie of the same name.Both "Alabama" and "Words" are extended versions.  They include studio conversations made during the recording of these songs. "Find The Cost of Freedom" and "Ohio" were recorded during a CSNY concert.

Buffalo Springfield (1973, Atlantic Atco SD2-806)
The Buffalo Springfield

For What It's Worth    [Total 75:58]
Sit Down I Think I Love You
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing*
Go And Say Goodbye
Pay The Price
Out Of My Mind*
Mr. Soul*
Broken Arrow*
Rock & Roll Woman
Expecting to Fly*
Hung Upside Down
A Child's Claim to Fame
Kind Woman
On the Way Home*
I Am a Child*
Pretty Girl Why
Special Care
Uno Mundo
In The Hour of Not Quite Rain
Four Days Gone

Produced by Charles Greene and Brian Stone "A York-Pala Production"

Musicians: Dewey Martin: Vocals, Drummer
           Steve Stills: Vocals, 2nd Lead Guitar
           Richie Furay: Vocals, Rhythm Guitarist
           Neil Young:   Vocals, Piano, Lead Guitarist
           Bruce Palmer: Bass

Notes: Another retrospective album, but double this time, so it has ~2/3 of the band's recorded output. Contains the 9 min "long version" of Bluebird.  Why "In The Hour of Not Quite Rain" was included I'll never understand as it was a "prize" in a contest LA radio station KHJ had in which the winner got their song massaged (by Richie) and recorded by the Springfield.  Some other artist, I can't remember who, also had this dubious honor.

Time Fades Away (9/73, Reprise 2151)
Neil Young

Time Fades Away   [5:36]
Journey Through The Past  [3:19]
Yonder Stands The Sinner  [3:17]
L.A.     [3:11]
Love In Mind    [2:02]
Don't Be Denied   [5:16]
The Bridge    [3:05]
Last Dance    [8:47]

Produced by Elliot Mazer & Neil Young

     Neil Young       Guitar/Piano/Harmonica/Vocals
     Tim Drummond     Bass
     Johnny Barbata   Drums
     Jack Nitzsche    Piano/Vocal
     Ben Keith        Slide/Steel/Vocals

     Guest appearances by David Crosby & Graham Nash (Guitar & vocals)

Notes: A 'Joe Yankee' is listed as playing bass on the cut "L.A." All the tracks were recorded live on different occasions."Love In Mind" comes from the same concert as "The Needle And The Damage Done" on Harvest.  This album marks the beginning of Neil's Dark Period.  The period continues through to "Zuma"  with a few other songs of this period appearing on  "American Stars & Bars".

On The Beach (7/74, Reprise 2180)
Neil Young

Walk On*    [2:40]
See The Sky About To Rain+  [5:03]
Revolution Blues+   [4:02]
For The Turnstiles*   [3:13]
Vampire Blues+    [4:11]
On The Beach**    [7:04]
Motion Pictures (For Carrie)**  [4:20]
Ambulance Blues**   [8:57]

Produced by Neil Young and David Briggs (*)
            Neil Young and Mark Harman (+)
            Neil Young and Al Schmitt (**)

     Neil Young: vocals, guitars, piano, banjo, harmonica
     Ben Keith: vocals, guitars, dobro, piano, organ, percussion, bass
     Billy Talbot: bass on "Walk On"
     Ralph Molina: drums, vocals
     Tim Drummond: bass, percussion
     Levon Helm: drums on "See The Sky About To Rain" and "Revolution Blues"
     Joe Yankee: harp, electric tambourine
     David Crosby: rhythm guitar on "Revolution Blues"
     Rick Danko: bass on "Revolution Blues"
     George Whitsell: guitar on "Vampire Blues"
     Graham Nash: Wurlitzer piano on "On The Beach"
     Rusty Kershaw: slide guitar on "Motion Pictures", fiddle
                    on "Ambulance Blues" and incredible liner notes!

Notes: Carrie (see "Motion Pictures") is most likely Carrie Snodgrass, an actress and one of Neil's old girlfriends.  After, or perhaps the reason for the split with Susan (Neil's 1st wife), Neil fell in love with Carrie.  Listen to "A Man Needs a Maid" for Neil's commentary on the beginning of this love affair.

  "Awhile ago somewhere, I don't know when
   I was watching a movie with a friend
   I fell in love with the actress
   She was playing a part that I could understand"

The movie was "Diary of a Mad Housewife" starring Carrie Snodgrass.  Neil's and Carrie's relationship did bear a son, Zeke, Neil's first child.  It is rumored that something wicked happened between Carrie and Jack Nitzsche. Levon Helm and Rick Danko are from the band "The Band".

Tonight's The Night (June 1975, Reprise 2221)
Neil Young

Tonight's The Night    [4:39]
Speakin' Out     [4:56]
World On A String    [2:27]
Borrowed Tune     [3:26]
Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown   [3:35]
Mellow My Mind     [3:07]
Roll Another Number (For The Road)  [3:02]
Albuquerque     [4:02]
New Mama     [2:11]
Lookout Joe     [3:57]
Tired Eyes     [4:38]
Tonight's The Night - Part II   [4:52]

Produced by David Briggs & Neil Young with Tim Mulligan
except "Lookout Joe" by Elliot Mazer

     Neil Young: vocals, piano, guitar, harp, vibes
     Nils Lofgren: guitar, piano, vocals
     Ben Keith: guitars, vocals
     Billy Talbot: bass
     Ralph Molina: drums, vocals

     Stray Gators play on "Lookout Joe"
     Danny Whitten: vocals and guitar on "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown"
     Jack Nitzsche: piano on "Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown"
     George Whitsell: vocals on "New Mama"

Notes: The songs on this album were recorded in 1973, but were not released until 1975.  The story is that Neil only had 9 songs for the album, and so put it aside to do "On The Beach".  Some also say that it was shelved due to lack of support from Warner/Reprise [JM].  After finishing the currently unreleased album, "Homegrown", Neil had about 10 friends over to listen it.  Apparently, "Tonight's The Night" just happened to be on the same reel, and so they listened to it as well.  After that unexpected listening, Neil says that he decided to release "Tonight's The Night" instead of "Homegrown" because of "its overall strength in performance and feeling". (Crowe)
"Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown" was recorded live at the Fillmore East in 1971 and it is a Danny Whitten/Neil Young composition. "Tonight's The Night" is about Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry (Crazy Horse roadie), who died of a drug overdose.
"Borrowed Tune" borrows the tune from the Rolling Stones' song "Lady Jane" [PG].
When preparing "Tonight's The Night" for release, Neil went through several different versions of the album.  Here is the track listing to one of the versions.  It has a few currently unreleased songs in it.

  Tonight's the Night
  Mellow My Mind
  Roll Another Number
  Tired Eyes
  Speakin' Out
  Walk On
  For the Turnstiles
  Bad Fog of Loneliness
  New Mama
  Borrowed Tune

All but two of these songs have been released either on "Tonight's The Night", "On The Beach", or "Decade".  The two songs that have never been released are "Bad Fog of Loneliness" and "Traces" (Piehler 26-28).

Homegrown (1975, [unreleased] )
Neil Young

Star of Bethlehem
Little Wing
The Old Homestead
Hawaiian Sunrise
Pardon My Heart
Love Art Blues
Human Highway
Separate Ways
Deep Forbidden Lake
Love is a Rose
We Don't Smoke It No More
White Line
Give Me Strength
Long May You Run
Tie Plate Yodle #3

Notes: This supposedly is the track listing to the unreleased double album "Homegrown".  This information has not been officially released by Neil, so there is absolutely NO guarantee that this information is correct.
"Tie Plate Yodle #3" is not a song, but a bit of studio weirdness.
"Separate Ways" was recently played on Neil's tour with the Booker T & the MGs.
[This entire album information is courtesy MJ4]

Zuma (11/75, Reprise 2242)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Don't Cry No Tears  [2:34]
Dangerbird   [6:54]
Pardon My Heart*  [3:49]
Lookin' For A Love*  [3:17]
Barstool Blues   [3:02]
Stupid Girl   [3:13]
Drive Back   [3:32]
Cortez The Killer  [7:29]
Through My Sails*  [2:41]

Produced by Neil Young & David Briggs except (*) by
Neil Young & Tim Mulligan
     Crazy Horse (#2):
      Neil Young: vocals, guitar
      Frank Sampedro: guitar
      Billy Talbot: bass, vocals
      Ralph Molina: drums, vocals

     except on "Pardon My Heart":
     Tim Drummond: bass
     Ralph Molina & Billy Talbot: vocals
     Neil Young: everything else

    on "Through The Sails":
    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: vocals
    Steve Stills: bass
    Neil Young: guitar
    Russ Kunkel: congas

Notes: "Cortez The Killer" was banned at one time in Spain, because it offended General Franco's regime.

Long May You Run (9/76, Reprise 2253)
The Stills-Young Band

Long May You Run*   [3:52]
Make Love To You   [5:09]
Midnight On The Bay*   [4:00]
Black Coral    [4:41]
Ocean Girl*    [3:18]
Let It Shine*    [4:41]
12/8 Blues (All The Same)  [3:43]
Fontainebleau*    [3:59]
Guardian Angel    [5:47]

Produced by Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Don Gehman

     Neil Young: guitars, piano, harmonica, string synthesizer, vocals
     Stephen Stills: guitars, pianos, vocals
     Joe Lala: percussion, background vocals
     Jerry Aiello: organ, piano
     George "Chocolate" Perry: bass, background vocals
     Joe Vitale: drums, flute, background vocals

Notes: Tracks with (*) are written and sung by Neil Young, the rest by Stills - there isn't a co-written track on the album.

American Stars'n'Bars (June 1977 , Reprise 2261)
Neil Young

The Old Country Waltz*   [2:58]
Saddle Up The Palomino*  [3:00]
Hey Babe*    [3:35]
Hold Back The Tears*   [4:18]
Bite the Bullet*   [3:30]
Star Of Bethlehem**   [2:42]
Will To Love+    [7:11]
Like A Hurricane++   [8:14]
Homegrown++    [2:20]

Produced by Neil Young & David Briggs with Tim Mulligan
except ** by Elliot Mazer

     (*) Crazy Horse (#2) with
         Linda Ronstadt: vocals
         Nicolette Larson: vocals
         Carole Mayedo: violin
         Ben Keith: steel guitar

    (**) Neil Young: acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocal
         Emmylou Harris: vocal
         Ben Keith: dobro, vocal
         Tim Drummond: bass
         Karl T. Himmel: drums

     (+) Neil Young: all the instruments and vocals

    (++) Crazy Horse (#2)

Notes: (*) were recorded April 1977, (**) November 1974, (+) May 1976 and (++) November 1975
This album is like a patchwork quilt.  A few of these songs were on Neil's unreleased _Homegrown_ Album.  "Like A Hurricane" was written on the tour bus.  Other songs came from various other places.

Decade (October 1977, Reprise Records 3RS 2257)
Neil Young

Down to the Wire *   [2:25]
Burned     [2:14]
Mr. Soul    [2:41]
Broken Arrow    [6:13]
Expecting To Fly   [3:44]
Sugar Mountain *   [5:43]
I Am a Child    [2:17]
The Loner    [3:50]
The Old Laughing Lady   [5:59]
Cinnamon Girl    [2:59]
Down by the River   [9:16]
Cowgirl in the Sand         [10:01]
I Believe In You   [3:27]
After The Gold Rush   [3:45]
Southern Man    [5:31]
Helpless    [3:34]
Ohio     [2:56]
Soldier    [2:28]
Old Man    [3:21]
A Man Needs a Maid   [3:58]
Harvest    [3:08]
Heart of Gold    [3:06]
Star of Bethlehem   [2:46]
The Needle and the Damage Done  [2:02]
Tonight's the Night [Part 1]  [4:41]
Tired Eyes    [4:33]
Walk On    [2:40]
For the Turnstiles   [3:01]
Winterlong *    [3:05]
Deep Forbidden Lake *   [3:39]
Like A Hurricane   [8:16]
Love is a Rose *   [2:16]
Cortez the Killer   [7:29]
Campaigner *     [3:30]
Long May You Run   [3:48]

Compiled by Neil Young, Tim Milligan, and David Briggs

Musicians: (Too many to list here)

Notes: (*) previously unreleased tracks
This is an incredible collection of Neil Young's work.  It includes several songs that were previously unreleased.  "Down to the Wire"  is on the unreleased Buffalo Springfield album _Stampede_.  Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) plays on "Down to the Wire".  This is a must-have for any Neil Young fan, not only for the song selection, but also for Neil's hand-written liner notes.
[Release Date courtesy FW]

Chrome Dreams (1977, [unreleased])
Neil Young

Will to Love
Star of Bethlehem
Like a Hurricane
Too Far Gone
Hold Back the Tears
Captain Kennedy
Sedan Delivery
Look Out For My Love

Notes: This supposedly is the track listing to the unreleased album "Chrome Dreams".  This information has not been officially released by Neil, so there is absolutely NO guarantee that this information is correct.  In fact, there has been some recent information in the Neil Young mailing list that this album NEVER existed, and that bootleggers who are selling it are saying it is an unreleased album in order to make a buck [TP].
[This entire album information is courtesy MJ4]

Crazy Moon (1978, RCA AFL1-3054)
Crazy Horse

She's Hot*
Going Down Again*
Lost And Lonely Feeling
Dancin' Lady
End Of The Line
New Orleans*
Love Don't Come Easy
Too Late Now
That Day
Thunder And Lightning*

Produced by ??

Musicians: Ralph Molina:   Drums
           Billy Talbot:   Bass
           Frank Sampedro: Guitar
           Neil Young:     Guitar (*)
    Tom Brey:       Horns (on some songs)
           Steve Lawrence: Horns (on some songs)
           Ben Keith:      Pedal Steel

Notes: A pretty good Crazy Horse outing, with the "real" Crazy Horse. Second only to the first Crazy Horse album with Danny Whitten, Ralph, Billy, Jack Nitzsche and Nils Lofgren. Good guitar work by Neil.  Also, Tom Brey and Steve Lawrence are from the Blue Notes [DGS].

Comes A Time (7/78, Reprise 2266)
Neil Young

Goin' Back   [4:43]
Comes A Time   [3:05]
Look Out For My Love*  [4:06]
Peace Of Mind   [2:40]
Lotta Love*   [4:06]
Human Highway   [3:09]
Already One**   [4:53]
Field Of Opportunity*** [3:08]
Motorcycle Mama  [3:08]
Four Strong Winds  [4:07]

Produced by Neil Young, Ben Keith and Tim Mulligan except
(*) by Neil Young, David Briggs and Tim Mulligan
(**) by Neil Young and Ben Keith
(***) by Neil Young and Tim Mulligan

     Crazy Horse (#2) appear on (*) with Tim Mulligan on saxophone
     Nicolette Larson: harmony vocals
     Ben Keith: steel guitar
     Carl Himmel: drums
     Tim Drummond: bass
     Spooner Oldham: piano
     Rufus Thibodeaux: fiddle
     Joe Osborne: bass
     Larrie Londin: drums
     J. J. Cale: electric guitar
     Farrel Morris: percussion
     Rita Fey: autoharp
     8 acoustic guitar players
     16 people on strings
     (check the sleeve for names)

Notes: "Four Strong Winds" is a Ian Tyson cover. This album represents Neil's return to folk music and is considered a comeback album.  The album was originally going to be called "Ode To The Wind", some copies were pressed with this name and are very valuable nowadays.
"Motorcycle Mama" is a song Neil wrote after watching a woman in Ft. Lauderdale fall off her bar stool [PH].

Rust Never Sleeps (June 1979, Reprise 2295)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)  [3:45]
Thrasher     [5:38]
Ride My Llama     [2:29]
Pocahontas     [3:22]
Sail Away     [3:46]
Powderfinger*     [5:30]
Welfare Mothers*    [3:48]
Sedan Delivery*    [4:40]
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)*  [5:18]

Produced by Neil Young, David Briggs and Tim Mulligan

     Crazy Horse (#2) on (*)
     Neil Young, Nicolette Larson, Joe Osborne, Carl Himmel on others
     (instruments not specified)

Notes: All the tracks were recorded live in concert, but the audience track was later removed.  Neil Young wrote "Sedan Delivery" and "Powderfinger" originally for Lynyrd Skynyrd! "My My, Hey Hey" was co-written by Jeff Blackburn.

Live Rust (11/79, Reprise 2296)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Sugar Mountain      [4:53]
I Am A Child      [2:53]
Comes A Time      [3:05]
After The Goldrush     [3:38]
My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)  [3:49]
When You Dance I Can Really Love  [3:39]
The Loner      [4:51]
The Needle And The Damage Done    [2:12]
Lotta Love      [2:51]
Sedan Delivery      [4:46]
Powderfinger      [5:29]
Cortez The Killer     [7:25]
Cinnamon Girl      [3:08]
Like A Hurricane     [7:10]
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)   [4:59]
Tonight's The Night     [6:59]

Produced by David Briggs, Tim Mulligan & Bernard Skakey

Musicians: Crazy Horse

Notes: The tracks on this album were recorded on the same tour as those on "Rust Never Sleeps".  There is also a movie about the tour directed by Neil Young.  The same stage setup for this tour was used again for the Ragged Glory Tour in 1991.  (Talk about recycling!)

Where The Buffalo Roam Soundtrack (1980, Backstreet MCA-5126)
Neil Young, Various Artists

Buffalo Stomp    - Neil Young with the Wild Bill Band of Strings
Ode to Wild Bill #1   - Neil Young
All Along The Watchtower  - Jimi Hendrix
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  - Bill Murray
Ode to Wild Bill #2   - Neil Young
Papa Was A Rolling Stone  - Temptations
Home, Home On The Range  - Neil Young
Straight Answers   - Bill Murray dialogue
Highway 61    - Bob Dylan
I Can't Help Myself   - Four Tops
Ode to Wild Bill #3   - with dialogue - Neil Young
Keep On Chooglin'   - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ode to Wild Bill #4   - Neil Young
Purple Haze    - Jimi Hendrix
Buffalo Stomp Refrain   - Neil Young with the Wild Bill Band of Strings

Produced by David Briggs
            with Tim Mulligan on Buffalo Stomps

Notes:  All Neil Young material are arrangements of public domain songs. The total of Neil Young material is ~9.5 min, but hey, it's Neil!

Hawks And Doves (11/80, Reprise HS 2297)
Neil Young

Little Wing                   [2:10]
The Old Homestead*            [7:38]
Lost In Space        [4:13]
Captain Kennedy        [4:50]
Stayin' Power**        [2:17]
Coastline**        [2:24]
Union Man**        [2:08]
Comin' Apart At Every Nail**  [2:33]
Hawks & Doves**        [3:27]

Produced by David Briggs, Tim Mulligan and Neil Young

         Neil Young: vocals, guitar, piano
         Greg Thomas: drums
         Dennis Belfield: bass
         Ben Keith: steel guitar, dobro
         Rufus Thibodeaux: fiddle

    (**) Same musicians as above with Ben Keith & Ann Hillary O'Brien
         providing harmony vocals

     (*) Neil Young: vocals, guitars, harmonica
         Levon Helm: drums
         Tim Drummond: bass
         Tom Seribner: saw

Notes: "Little Wing" is not the same as Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing." Nikki Sudden & The French Revolution did an incredible cover of "Captain Kennedy" on the album _The_Bridge_, which is a Neil Young tribute album.
Levon Helm is from "The Band".
All of these songs are copyrighted 1980, except "Little Wing" (C) 1975 and "The Old Homestead" (C) 1974.  The difference in dates and musicians indicates that "The Old Homestead" was probably recorded in the mid 70's.  Since "Little Wing" sounds like Neil Young is going solo and it has a different date, it too may have been recorded in the mid 70's.

Reactor (11/81, Reprise 2304)
Neil Young

Opera Star        [3:32]
Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze [4:15]
T-Bone               [9:14]
Get Back On It        [2:16]
Southern Pacific       [4:08]
Motor City        [3:11]
Rapid Transit        [4:36]
Shots               [7:41]

Produced by David Briggs, Tim Mulligan & Neil Young with Jerry Napier

     Crazy Horse

Trans (1982, Geffen 25019)
Neil Young

Little Thing Called Love          [3:06]
Computer Age            [5:28]
We R In Control            [3:28]
Transformer Man            [3:22]
Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher)  [4:08]
Hold On To Your Love    [3:25]
Sample And Hold           [5:09] [CD - 8:04]
Mr. Soul           [3:16]
Like An Inca           [8:08] [CD - 9:45]
(If You Got Love)*    [-:--]

Produced by Neil Young, David Briggs and Tim Mulligan

     Nils Lofgren, Ben Keith, Bruce Palmer, Ralph Molina,
     Joe Lala, Frank Sampedro, Billy Talbot
     (no instruments specified)

Notes: Contrary to most people's opinion, Neil Young says that this is the other of his best two albums.  Every song on this album, except "Like An Inca" and "Little Thing Called Love", has Neil & Nils singing through a Vocoder, which makes the voice sound like a "computer voice."
Nils Lofgren is the guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band.  Sonic Youth did a great cover of "Computer Age" on the album "The Bridge".
There is a different version of "Like An Inca" and "Sample And Hold" on the CD version of Trans.  "Like An Inca" is actually 9:45 minutes long, instead of 8:08 as listed on the CD. "Sample And Hold" is actually 8:04 minutes long, instead of 5:09 as listed on the CD.  This same version of "Sample And Hold" also appears on the "Lucky 13" compilation CD.
(*) Also, there was one song that didn't make it on TRANS, but whose lyrics *did* appear on some liner notes, titled "If You Got Love", which was an electric-based song about (you guessed it) the tribulations encountered in another quest to find love.

Sample and Hold (1982, ??)
Neil Young

Sample And Hold (dance mix)    [6:48]
Mr. Soul (dance remix)    [5:53]
Sample And Hold (single version) [3:54]

Notes: This is a 12 inch vinyl maxi-single of Sample and Hold.  The front
       has the same picture of Neil in the "mirror guitar" as on the liner
       of Trans.

       [This entire album information is courtesy SV]

Everybody's Rockin' (1983, Geffen 25590 (GHS 4013))
Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks

Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes  [3:00]
Rainin' In My Heart       [2:12]
Payola Blues*              [3:08]
Wonderin'*               [2:57]
Kinda Fonda Wanda*       [1:48]
Jellyroll Man*               [1:57]
Bright Lights, Big City       [2:16]
Cry, Cry, Cry*               [2:39]
Mystery Train               [2:44]
Everybody's Rockin'*       [1:55]

Produced by Elliot Mazer & Neil Young

     Neil Young: vocals, piano, guitar, harmonica
     Ben "King" Keith: alto sax, lead guitar
     Tim Drummond: upright bass
     Karl Himmel: snare
     Larry Byrom: piano, backing vocals
     Anthony Crawford: backing vocals
     Rick Palombi: backing vocals

Notes: Only (*) are written or co-written by Young - others are covers of rhythm'n'blues classics or semi-classics.  The story is that Neil's record company accused him of deliberately making a non-commercial album ("Trans") and forced him to make another one quickly (this one).  However, this story has not been confirmed.  The song "Wonderin'" was actually written by Neil in the late 60s, and has a neat video for it.  This is the other of Young's best albums, according to him...

Old Ways 1 (1983, [unreleased])

Old Ways
Depression Blues
That's Alright Mama
Cry Cry Cry
Mystery Train
California Sunset
My Boy
Are There Any More Real Cowboys
Silver and Gold

Notes: This supposedly is the track listing to the unreleased first version of "Old Ways".  This information has not been officially released by Neil, so there is absolutely NO guarantee that this information is correct.  Some of this material later appeared on the released version of "Old Ways", as well as, "Everybody's Rockin'".  This album was one of the reasons that Geffen sued Neil in December of 1983.
"Old Ways" is much faster and very different sounding here.
"Depression Blues" made it onto Lucky 13.
"Depression Blues" and "Silver and Gold" were both recorded for the
"Harvest Moon" album.
"That's Alright Mama" was played a lot on the Solo Trans tour.
[This entire album information is courtesy MJ4]

Old Ways (1985, Geffen GHS 24068)
Neil Young

The Wayward Wind***     [3:12]
Get Back To The Country     [2:50]
Are There Any More Real Cowboys?*  [3:03]
Once An Angel             [3:55]
Misfits                     [5:08]
California Sunset*     [2:56]
Old Ways             [3:08]
My Boy**             [3:37]
Bound For Glory             [5:49]
Where Is The Highway Tonight?    [3:12]

Produced by Neil Young, Ben Keith, and David Briggs
       except (*) by Neil Young, Elliot Mazer, David Briggs, and Ben Keith
       and (**) by Neil Young, Elliot Mazer, and David Briggs

Musicians: Neil Young:   Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
    Harmonica, Banjo
           Waylon Jennings:  Electric Guitar, Vocals
           Willie Nelson:  Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
           Rufus Thibodeaux:  Fiddle
           Ben Keith:   Dobro, Steel
           Tim Drummond:  Bass
           Karl Himmel:  Drums
           Joe Allen:   Bass (Electric & Upright)
           Ralph Mooney:  Steel
           Hargus "Pig" Robbins: Piano
           Gordon Terry:  Fiddle
           Joe Osborne:  Bass
           Anthony Crawford:  Mandolin, Vocals, Background Vocals
           Terry McMillan:  Harmonica, Jew's Harp
           Bela Fleck:   Banjo
           Bobby Thompson:  Banjo
           David Kirby:  Acoustic Guitar
           Grant Boatwright:  Acoustic Guitar
           Johnny Christopher:  Acoustic Guitar
           Ray Edenton:  Acoustic Guitar
           Gove Scrivenor:  Auto Harp
           Farrell Morris:  Percussion
           Marty Stuart:  Mandolin
           Carl Gorodetzky:  Violin
           Spooner Oldham:  Piano
           Larry Byrom:  Background Vocals
           Rick Palombi:  Background Vocals
           Doana Cooper:  Background Vocals
           Denise Draper:  Vocals

Notes: This is Neil Young's "country" album.  Some of his other stuff could be called near-country, but this is pure country.  Neil and the International Harvesters (his backup band) performed several of these songs on the "Austin City Limits" TV show on 9/25/84, almost a year before the album was released [DGS].  In fact, the track "California Sunset" is from the recording of this performance [DGS].
(***) "The Wayward Wind" is written by Stan Lebowsky and Herbert Newman [DGS].  It's something of a standard and has been recorded by Patsy Cline among others [DGS].
There are several familiar names in the musician's list: Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Bela Fleck, Ben Keith, and Tim Drummond.  The first three are known country / bluegrass musicians, and the last two appear on several other Neil Young albums.
Waylon Jennings later recorded a cover version of "Are There Any More Real Cowboys?".

Greatest Hits (1985 (Reprise 252711), 1986 (German Reprise 925271)
Neil Young (solo and with various of his bands)

Cinnamon Girl                  [2:52]
Old Man                        [3:12]
Comes A Time            [2:54]
Walk On            [2:31]
The Loner                      [3:37]
Like A Hurricane               [5:07]
Heart of Gold                  [2:55]
Southern Man                   [5:14]
Down By The River              [3:58]
Southern Pacific               [3:56]
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) [4:50]

Sequenced by Pete Johnson & Marlyn Yeager.
Direction: Elliot Roberts/Lookout Management.

Notes: To squeeze 11 of Neil's songs (many among his longest) onto a single LP, the "radio edit" versions were used for many songs.

Landing On Water (7/8/86, Geffen GHS 24109)
Neil Young

Weight Of The World           [3:40]
Violent Side        [4:22]
Hippie Dream        [4:11]
Bad News Beat        [3:18]
Touch The Night        [4:30]
People On The Street          [4:33]
Hard Luck Stories       [4:06]
I Got A Problem        [3:16]
Pressure        [2:46]
Drifter               [5:05]

Produced by Neil Young and Danny Kortchmar

     Neil Young: vocals, lead guitar, synthesizer
     Steve Jordan: drums, synthesizer, vocals
     Danny Kortchmar: guitar, synthesizer, vocals

     San Francisco Boys Choir on "Violent Side" and "Touch The Night"

Notes: There is a neat video for "Touch The Night" where Neil plays the part of a TV news reporter.

Life (7/87, Geffen 24154)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Mideast Vacation               [4:21]
Long Walk Home         [4:56]
Around The World        [5:26]
Inca Queen         [7:56]
Too Lonely         [2:48]
Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll       [3:12]
Cryin' Eyes         [2:52]
When Your Lonely Heart Breaks  [5:16]
We Never Danced         [3:37]

Produced by David Briggs and Neil Young, except "We Never Danced"
by Jack Nitzsche and Neil Young.

Musicians: Neil Young:   Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
           Frank Sampedro:  Guitar, Keyboards
           Ralph Molina:  Drums
           Billy Talbot:  Bass

Notes: Mazzeo, who is the artist that illustrated the Zuma album, illustrated a song book for "Life".

American Dream (11/22/88, Atlantic 81888-1)
Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

American Dream*
Got It Made**
Name Of Love*
Don't Say Good-bye
This Old House***
Nighttime For Generals
Drivin' Thunder**
Clear Blue Skies
That Girl
Soldiers of Peace
Feel Your Love*
Night Song**

Produced by Niko Bolas, and CSNY
Assisted by Tim Milligan

Musicians: David Crosby:  Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
           Stephen Stills:  Keyboards, Vocal, Electric Guitar,
           Bass Synth, Percussion, Acoustic
           Guitar, Synths, Hand-claps, Bass
           Graham Nash:  Vocal, Piano, Electric Guitar, Keyboards
           Neil Young:   Vocal, Electric Guitar, Percussion,
           Piano, Synth, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar
           Joe Vitale:   Drums, Synth, Vocals, Keyboards, Vibes
           Bob Glaub:   Bass
           Joe Lala:   Percussion
           Mike Finnigan:  B.3. Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
           Chad Cromwell:  Drums
           The Bluenotes:  Horns
             Larry Cragg
             Steve Lawrence
             Tommy Bray
             Claude Cailliet
             John Fumo
           Niko Bolas:   Hand-claps
           Tim Mulligan:  Hand-claps
           Tim Foster:   Hand-claps
           Brently Walton:  Hand-claps

Notes: (*)   by Neil Young
       (**)  by Stephen Stills & Neil Young
       (***) by Neil Young, in fact the entire track was played by Neil Young

This is CSNY's 4th album.  It is nowhere as good as Deja vu, but does have a few good songs on it.  Neil Young's songs are pretty good, especially "American Dream", which talks about a TV news anchorman caught in a sex scandal.

This Note's For You (4/88, Reprise 25719-1)
Neil Young & The Bluenotes

Ten Men Workin'        [6:25]
This Note's For You       [2:04]
Coupe de Ville        [4:15]
Life In The City       [3:12]
Twilight        [5:52]
Married Man        [2:35]
Sunny Inside        [2:33]
Can't Believe Your Lyin'      [2:56]
Hey Hey         [3:01]
One Thing        [6:00]

Produced by "The Volume Dealers" (Neil Young & Niko Bolas)

Musicians: Neil Young:     Guitar & Vocals
           Chad Cromwell:    Drums
           Rick (The Bass Player) Rosas: Bass
           Frank (Pancho) Sampedro:   Keyboards
           Steve Lawrence:    Lead Tenor Sax
           Ben Keith:     Alto Sax
           Larry Cragg:    Baritone Sax
           Claude Cailliet:    Trombone
           John Fumo:     Trumpet
           Tom Bray:     Trumpet

Notes: This is Neil's Blues album, and he did a great job with it. There is a rumor that some other Bluenotes' songs will be released on Neil's upcoming compilation box set.

Eldorado (1989, Reprise 20P2-2651 (CD))
Neil Young & The Restless

Cocaine Eyes        [4:24]
Don't Cry        [5:00]
Heavy Love        [5:09]
On Broadway        [4:57]
Eldorado        [6:03]

Produced by "The Volume Dealers" (Neil Young & Niko Bolas)

Musicians: Neil Young:     Vocals, Guitar
           Chad Cromwell:    Drums
           Rick "The Bass Player" Rosas: Bass

Notes: This is a 25 min. EP.  The story from Neil is that this was supposed to be a full length album, but Neil was not happy with it.  He was afraid that since this was not a real "radio" album, he would get a lot of sh*t about it.  Also, he just wanted to be able to release some new songs without having to promote them.  So, he picked 5 songs to put on an EP and released the album only in Australia and Japan.  "Don't Cry", "On Broadway", and "Eldorado" also appear on the fully released "Freedom" album, but they are slightly different versions.  The other two songs are good, and are worth getting if you ever find this disc.  Neil says that if anyone really wants a copy, they can tape it from a friend.

Freedom (10/10/89, Reprise 4-25899)
Neil Young

Rockin' In The Free World    [3:38]
Crime In The City (Sixty To Zero Part I)  [8:45]
Don't Cry            [4:14]
Hangin' On A Limb            [4:18]
Eldorado                    [6:03]
The Ways Of Love            [4:29]
Someday                            [5:40]
On Broadway                    [4:57]
Wrecking Ball                    [5:08]
No More                            [6:03]
Too Far Gone                    [2:47]
Rockin' In The Free World    [4:41]

Produced by "The Volume Dealers" (Neil Young & Niko Bolas)

     Neil Young: vocals, guitar
     Chad Cromwell: drums
     Rick "the bass player" Rosas: bass
     Frank "Poncho" Sampedro: guitar, keyboards, mandolin
     Ben Keith: alto saxophone, pedal steel, keyboards, vocals
     Linda Ronstadt: vocals
     Poncho Villa: acoustic guitar
     Tony Marsico: bass
     Steve Lawrence: tenor saxophone
     Larry Cragg: baritone saxophone
     Claude Cailliet: trombone
     John Fumo: trumpet
     Tom Bray: trumpet

Notes: "On Broadway" is a Drifters cover.  The entire "Sixty to Zero" song actually lasts about 30 minutes and is comprised of 11 verses. The version on this album is just a shortened version.

Time's Square (1989, [unreleased])

Crime In The City
Box Car
Don't Cry
Heavy Love
Wrecking Ball
Cocaine Eyes
On Broadway

Notes: This supposedly is the track listing to the unreleased album "Time's Square".  This information has not been officially released by Neil, so there is absolutely NO guarantee that this information is correct.
This was the album that provided much of the source material for "Freedom" and the "Eldorado" EP.  Side 2 (except for "Wrecking Ball") is all very loud electric music.  This album was so close to release that copies were issued to radio stations before Neil pulled back and decided to work on it some more.  "Don't Cry" features the more ragged mix used on "Eldorado".  The only song from this album not to show up on an official release is "Box Car".  A wonderful, slow low-key electric distortion based number.
[This entire album information is courtesy MJ4]

Ragged Glory (9/11/90, Reprise 9 26315)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Country Home         [7:04]
White Line         [2:59]
F*!#in' Up         [5:53]
Over And Over         [8:27]
Love To Burn        [10:03]
Farmer John         [4:12]
Mansion On The Hill        [4:46]
Days That Used To Be        [3:50]
Love And Only Love       [10:18]
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)  [5:11]

Produced by David Briggs and Neil Young

     Crazy Horse

Notes: "Farmer John" is a cover of an old 50s tune.

Weld (10/22/91, Reprise 26671)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)  [5:21]
Crime In The City          [6:26]
Blowin' In The Wind          [6:32]
Welfare Mothers           [6:50]
Love To Burn           [9:37]
Cinnamon Girl           [4:33]
Mansion On The Hill   [6:04]
F*!#in' Up           [6:53]
Cortez The Killer   [9:26]
Powderfinger           [5:36]
Love And Only Love   [9:16]
Rockin' In The Free World  [8:32]
Like A Hurricane  [13:26]
Farmer John           [4:13]
Tonight's The Night   [8:12]
Roll Another Number   [4:57]

Produced by Neil Young and David Briggs with Billy Talbot

     Crazy Horse

Notes: This is a Live album of their incredible 1991 tour.  There is also a video named "Weld" that documents this concert."Blowin' In The Wind" is a Bob Dylan cover.

Arc (11/12/91, Reprise 26769)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Arc    [35:00]

Notes: This is total noise!  (That's a description, not a value judgement.)  Neil took parts of songs from _Weld_ and put them together into a single "song".  It lasts about 35 min.
The idea for this album is said to have come from a movie that Neil made during one of his late 80's / early 90's tours with Crazy Horse.  He basically used the beginnings and endings of songs for the soundtrack of the movie. Neil gave Thurson Moore of Sonic Youth a copy of it and he liked the musical bits so much that he suggested to Neil that he should do a whole album like that. The result? 'Arc.'  [DGS]

Arc-Weld (10/22/91, Reprise 26746-2)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Notes: The previous two albums combined

Harvest Moon (October 27 1992, Reprise 9 45057-4)
Neil Young & The Stray Gators

Unknown Legend        [4:32]
From Hank To Hendrix         [5:12]
You And Me        [3:45]
Harvest Moon        [5:03]
War of Man        [5:41]
One of These Days       [4:55]
Such a Woman*        [4:36]
Old King        [2:57]
Dreamin' Man        [4:36]
Natural Beauty       [10:22]

Produced by Neil Young & Ben Keith
            (*) Arranged by Jack Nitzsche

     Stray Gators:
       Neil Young: Guitar & Vocals
       Ben Keith:  Steel Guitar
       Kenny Buttrey:  Drums
       Tim Drummond: Bass
       Spooner Oldham:  Piano

       Linda Ronstadt
       James Taylor
       Nicolette Larson
       Astrid Young
       Ben Keith
       Larry Cragg

Notes: This album is a pseudo-sequel to Neil's overwhelmingly successful "Harvest" album.  Most of the musicians on this album are the same ones who performed on the original "Harvest".  Spooner Oldham, Astrid Young, and Larry Cragg are exceptions.  Spooner apparently took Jack Nitzsche's place on piano.  Astrid Young (Neil's half-sister) and Larry Cragg (Neil's guitar & keyboard technician) are additional singers.  The song "Old King" is about Young's now-deceased pet dog (who was really named Elvis), which accompanied him on tour everywhere.

Lucky Thirteen (Jan 5 1993, Geffen 24452)
Neil Young

Sample And Hold**      [8:04]
Transformer Man              [3:19]
Depression Blues**      [4:07]
Get Gone*             [5:06]
Don't Take Your Love Away From Me*  [6:16]
Once An Angel             [3:54]
Where Is The Highway Tonight?     [3:04]
Hippie Dream             [4:26]
Pressure             [2:46]
Around The World      [5:28]
Mideast Vacation      [4:22]
Ain't It The Truth*      [7:38]
This Note's For You**      [5:34]

Produced by David Briggs, Elliot Mazer, Neil Young, Tim Mulligan, Ben
       Keith, Danny Kortchmar, Niko Bolas

Compiled by Neil Young at Redwood Digital, Woodside, Ca.

Musicians (by Song):

   Sample And Hold:
       ("Crazy Horse")
       Neil Young:  Vocals, Synclavier, Guitar, Bass
       Ralph Molina:  Drums
       Frank Sampedro:  Guitar

   Transformer Man:
       Neil Young:  Vocals, Synclavier

   Depression Blues:
       ("Harvesters" and the "Redwood Boys")
       Neil Young:  Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica
       Karl Himmel:   Drums
       Tim Drummond:   Bass
       Ben Keith:  Pedal Steel Guitar
       Rufus Thibodeaux: Fiddle
       Spooner Oldham:   Organ
       Larry Byrom:  Background Vocals
       Anthony Crawford: Background Vocals
       Rick Palombi:  Background Vocals

   Get Gone:
       ("Shocking Pinks")
       Neil Young:  Guitar and Lead Vocal
       Karl Himmel:   Drums
       Tim Drummond:   Bass
       Ben Keith:   Guitar
       Larry Byrom:   Piano and Vocals
       Anthony Crawford:  Maracas and Vocals
       Rick Palombi:   Tambourine and Vocals

   Don't Take Your Love Away From Me:
       ("Shocking Pinks")
       Neil Young:  Guitar and Lead Vocal
       Karl Himmel:   Drums
       Tim Drummond:   Bass
       Ben Keith:   Saxophone
       Craig Hayes:   Baritone Saxophone
       Larry Byrom:   Trumpet
       Rick Palombi:   Piano and Vocals
       Anthony Crawford:  Tambourine and Vocals

   Once An Angel:
   Where Is The Highway Tonight?:
       Neil Young:  Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
       Waylon Jennings:  Vocal (only on Where Is The Highway Tonight?)
       Rufus Thibodeaux:  Fiddle
       Gordon Terry:   Fiddle
       Karl Himmel:   Drums
       Joe Allen:   Bass
       Hargus "Pig" Robbins:  Piano
       Ralph Mooney:   Pedal Steel Guitar
       David Kirby:   Acoustic Guitar
       Doana Cooper, Gail Davies, Betsy Hammer, Pam Rose, Janis
         Oliver-Gill, Mary Ann Kennedy, Kristine Oliver-Arnold, Leona
         Williams:   Background Vocals (only on Once An Angel)

   Hippie Dream:
       Neil Young:   Lead Guitar, Synclavier, Vocals
       Steve Jordan:   Drums, (Vocals on Pressure)
       Danny Kortchmar:  Guitar, Synthesizer, (Vocals on Pressure)

   Around The World:
   Mideast Vacation:
       ("Crazy Horse")
       Neil Young:  Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal
       Ralph Molina:  Ludwig Drums
       Billy Talbot:  Bass
       Frank Sampedro:  Guitar, Keyboards

   Ain't It The Truth:
   This Note's For You:
       ("Blue Notes")
       Neil Young:   Guitar and Lead Vocals
       Chad Cromwell:   Drums
       Rick Rosas:   Bass
       Frank (Pancho) Sampedro: Keyboards and Vocals
       Steve Lawrence:   Lead Tenor Saxophone
       Ben Keith:   Alto Saxophone
       Larry Cragg:   Baritone Saxophone
       Claude Cailliet:  Trombone
       John Fumo:   Trumpet
       Tom Bray:   Trumpet

Notes: This album is a "Best Of" album representing Neil's years on the Geffen record label.  It was compiled by Neil at his Redwood Digital studios and serves as an appetizer for Neil's famed box set(s).  (*) are previously unreleased tracks and (**) are unreleased versions.  "Ain't It The Truth" was written by Neil back in the mid-sixties for his group - "Neil Young and The Squires".

Unplugged (Jun 8 1993,  Reprise 45310-2)
Neil Young

The Old Laughing Lady  [5:15]
Mr Soul          [3:54]
World On A String         [3:02]
Pocahontas          [5:06]
Stringman          [4:01]
Like A Hurricane  [4:44]
The Needle And The Damage Done [2:52]
Helpless         [5:48]
Harvest Moon         [5:20]
Transformer Man         [3:36]
Unknown Legend         [4:47]
Look Out For My Love  [5:57]
Long May You Run  [5:22]
From Hank To Hendrix  [5:51]

Produced by David Briggs


     Neil Young:  Lead Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Pump Organ
     Nils Lofgren:  Vocals, Guitar, Autoharp, Accordion
     Astrid Young:  Vocals
     Nicolette Larson:  Vocals
     Ben Keith:  Dobro
     Spooner Oldham:  Piano, Pump Organ
     Tim Drummond:  Bass
     Oscar Butterworth: Drums
     Larry Cragg:  Broom on "Harvest Moon"

Notes: This is the officially released recording of Neil's MTV Unplugged performance.  This performance was recorded at Stage 12, Universal Studios, Universal City on Feb. 7, 1993.  There were 5 more songs recorded but not broadcast.  The songs left off were: Tonight's The Night (opening only, grand piano), Sample and Hold, Dreamin' Man, War Of Man, and Winterlong.  There is probably a boot of the entire concert floating around somewhere.  Also, some radio stations broadcasted a stereo simulcast, so this may surface as a boot as well - beware because you may be paying $20+ for something available commercially.
There was an earlier Unplugged performance recorded on Dec. 16, 1992 at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, NY.  Neil did several versions and false starts of almost every song and finally scrapped the concert.  The songs he did are: Love Is A Rose, Unknown Legend, From Hank To Hendrix, You and Me, Old King, Harvest Moon, War Of Man, Comes A Time, Old Man, Silver and Gold, Are You Ready For The Country, One Of These Days, Dreamin' Man, Down By The River, Last Trip To Tulsa, and After The Goldrush (pump organ) (Waterface, et al. 44).  It may also be possible to find this performance on a bootleg.
Released with this CD are VHS and Laser Disc video recordings of the show.

Sleeps with Angels (Aug 16 1994, Reprise 9362-45749-2)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse

My Heart  [2:44]
Prime of Life  [4:02]
Driveby   [4:43]
Sleeps with Angels [2:44]
Western Hero  [4:00]
Change Your Mind [14:39]
Blue Eden  [6:22]
Safeway Cart  [6:29]
Train of Love  [3:57]
Trans Am  [4:07]
Piece of Crap  [3:15]
A Dream That Can Last [5:27]

Produced by David Briggs and Neil Young
Engineered by John Hanlon
Mixed by John Hanlon, David Briggs and Neil Young
Assistant Engineers: Chad Blinman and Roland Alvarez
Recorded and Mixed at the Complex Studios, West L.A.
Digital Editing & Mastering by Joe Gastwirt at Ocean View Digital
Production Manager: Tim Foster
Production Coordinator: Bettina Briggs
Amplifier Tech: Sal Trentino
Guitar Tech: Jim Homan
Drum tech: Jerry Conforti
Live Monitors by Mark Humphreys
Video: L.A. Johnson
Design: Elan Soltes and Jessica Narkunski/FX + Design

Direction: Elliot Roberts

All songs written by Neil Young (Silver Fiddle Music ASCAP) except Blue Eden by Neil Young, Frank "Poncho" Sampedro, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina (Silver Fiddle Music ASCAP/Falmouth Music BMI)

Crazy Horse:
 Neil Young
 Frank "Poncho" Sampedro
 Billy Talbot
 Ralph Molina

My Heart
 Tack piano: Neil Young
 Bass marimba: Frank Sampedro
 Vibes:  Billy Talbot
 Drum:  Ralph Molina

Prime of Life
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Flute:  Neil Young
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

 Guitar:  Neil Young
 Oberheim: Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Sleeps with Angels
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Western Hero
 Accordion: Neil Young
 Grand piano: Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Change Your Mind
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Blue Eden
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Safeway Cart
 Harmonica: Neil Young
 Wurlitzer piano,
 Oberheim: Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Train of Love
 Guitar:  Neil Young
 Grand piano: Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Trans Am
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Piece of Crap
 Guitars: Neil Young and Frank Sampedro
 Bass:  Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

A Dream That Can Last
 Tack piano,
 Harmonica: Neil Young
 Piano:  Frank Sampedro
 Bass marimba: Billy Talbot
 Drums:  Ralph Molina

Notes: The song "Sleeps With Angels" is about Kurt Cobain's (the singer of Nirvana) suicide.

Mirrorball (June 27, 1995, Reprise 9362-45934)
Neil Young (& Pearl Jam)

Song X
Act of love
I'm the ocean
Big green country
Truth be known
What happened yesterday
Peace and love
Throw your hatred down
Fallen angel

Produced by Brendan O'Brien

All Songs written by Neil Young
Additional lyrics for Peace and Love by Eddie Vedder

     Neil Young: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, pump organ
     Jeff Ament: Bass guitar
     Stone Gossard: Electric guitar
     Mike McCready: Electric guitar
     Jack Irons: Drums
     Brendan O'Brien: Background vocals, Electric guitar, Piano
     Eddie Vedder: Background vocals

Notes: Due to contractual obligations, the fact that the backing musicians effectively constitute Pearl Jam is not mentioned on the album cover or booklet.

Broken Arrow (July 2, 1996, Reprise 9362-46291)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Big Time                                [7:24]
Loose change                            [9:49]
Slip away                               [8:36]
Changing highways                       [2:20]
Scattered (Let's think about livin')    [4:13]
This town                               [2:59]
Music arcade                            [3:59]
Baby what you want me to do*            [8:08]
Interstate                              [bonus on LP]
A Punk David Production - Produced by Neil Young

All songs written by Neil Young except (*) written by Jimmy Reed

     Neil Young: Vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, harmonica
     Poncho Sampedro: Vocals, electric guitar
     Billy Talbot: Vocals, bass, tambourine
     Ralph Molina: Vocals, drums, percussion

Notes: (*) was recorded live at Old Princeton Landing,
Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA.

Year of the Horse (June 17, 1997, Reprise 9362-46652)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse
(All dates below are in 1996)

<Disc 1>
When You Dance (11/8, The Meadows, Hartford)      [6:19]
Barstool Blues (5/9, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz)    [9:02]
When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (5/9, The Catalyst) [5:04]
Mr. Soul (10/19, Shoreline, Mountain View)        [5:05]
Big Time (8/25, Jones Beach, Long Island)         [7:28]
Pocahontas (10/26, Agridome, Regina)              [4:50]
Human highway (10/20, Shoreline)                  [4:06]
<Disc 2>
Slip Away (9/11, The Forum, LA)                   [10:52]
Scattered (11/8, Meadows)                         [3:59]
Dangerbird (9/16, Cal Expo, Sacramento)           [13:34]
Prisoners (7/9, Waldebuhne, Berlin)               [6:39]
Sedan Delivery (8/31, Molson Park, Ontario)*      [7:15]

 (* omitted from LP)

A Punk David Production - Produced by Horse

     Neil Young
     Poncho Sampedro
     Billy Talbot
     Ralph Molina

Looking Forward (1999)
  1. Faith In Me
  2. Looking Forward
  3. Stand And Be Counted
  4. Heartland
  5. Seen Enough
  6. Slowpoke
  7. Dream For Him
  8. No Tears Left
  9. Out of Control
  10. Someday Soon
  11. Queen Of Them All
  12. Sanibel

Silver & Gold (Warner Music 2000)
  1. Good To See You
  2. Silver + Gold
  3. Daddy Went Walkin'
  4. Buffalo Springfield Again
  5. The Great Divide
  6. Horseshoe Man
  7. Red Sun
  8. Distant Camera
  9. Razor Love
  10. Without Rings

Road Rock Vol. 1 (Live)(Warner Music 2000)
  1.  Cowgirl In The Sand
  2.  Walk On
  3.  Fool For Your Love
  4.  Peace Of Mind
  5.  Words
  6.  Motorcycle Mama
  7.  Tonight's The Night
  8.  All Along The Watchtower (duet with Chrissie Hynde)
Neil Young (guitar, piano, vocals), Ben Keith (guitar, lap slide, pedal steel, vocals), Spooner Oldham (piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B3 Organ), Donald "Duck" Dunn (bass), Jim Keltner (drums, percussion), Astrid & Peggi Young (vocals), Chrissie Hynde (guitar & vocals on"All Along The Watchtower")


[Note:  If info credit is given to DGS in this section, this actually means that David graciously collected this information from the Neil Young mailing list and other sources.  His list of Neil Young session contributions is also available in the mailing list's FAQ, and is basically the same information.  This list is included here just to make the discography more complete.  The albums are arranged by date, but when the date was unavailable, it was simply guessed and the album ordered accordingly.]

[Note:  Please remember that this information is not guaranteed to be 100% correct.  If you buy one of these albums just to hear Neil's contribution and it turns out that he is not on the album, please do not blame us.]

??? (??, ??)
The Monkees

Notes: Neil appears on the song "You And I and As We Go Along." ( He also appears on another Monkees song, but I can't find that info.) [DGS]


Songs For Beginners (??, Atlantic 7204)
Graham Nash

Notes: Neil plays piano on "I Used To Be A King." [DGS]


Hijera (1976, Elektra 1087)
Joni Mitchell

Notes: Neil plays harmonica on "Furry Sings The Blues".  [DGS]


??? (??, ??)
Emmylou Harris

Notes: Neil appears on the song "Light Of The Stable".  [DGS]


The Best of Grin (??, ?? ??)

Notes: This is a band that Nils Lofgren was in.  Neil and Crazy Horse contribute to 3 cuts "See What Love Can Do", "Outlaw", and "Pioneer Mary".  [DGS]


The Last Waltz (??, Warner Bro. 3146)
The Band & Friends

Notes: This is the famous "farewell" concert a.k.a THE LAST WALTZ, where Joni Mitchell backs Neil up in a heartwarming version of "Helpless".  Neil (along with the mucho guest musicians that appeared) participated in the show's final song, "I Shall Be Released"


We Are The World (1985, Polygram 824 822-2)

Tears Are Not Enough

Notes: This is the track on the "We Are The World" charity album performed by the Northern Lights, which was the Canadian All Stars group.Neil Young is one of the many vocalists on this track.
[This entire album information is courtesy JD]


Sentimental Hygiene (7/87, Capitol 86012)
Warren Zevon

Notes: Neil plays guitar on "Sentimental Hygiene."  [DGS]


Crossroads (10/89,Elektra 60888)
Tracy Chapman

Notes: Neil plays acoustic guitar and piano on "All That You Have Is Your Soul".  [DGS]


Transverse City (10/89??, Capitol 86109)
Warren Zevon

Notes: Neil does vocals on "Splendid Isolation" and plays guitar on "Gridlock."  [DGS]


Storyville (10/91, Geffen 24303)
Robbie Robertson

Notes: Neil sings on "Soap Box Preacher" [JM].


Now And Then (6/92, Domino 8002)
Rusty Kershaw

Notes: Neil plays harmonica and sings on several tracks (although not doing both on all songs). "New Orleans Rag", "Boys In The Band", "I Like To Live On The Bayou", "Married Man", "In The Backroom", "Goin' Down To Louisiana", and "Future Song." Ben Keith also contributes background vocals, dobro and steel guitar to various tracks. Ben plays on the same tracks Neil does. "'Cause Ben is a Friend" [DGS]


Crooked Line (7/92, Ryko 10238)
Nils Lofgren

Notes: This is a Nils Lofgren album.  Nils has known Neil for several years and has appeared on the albums "After The Gold Rush", "Tonight's The Night", "Trans", and "Unplugged".  Nils is also the guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band.
Neil contributes vocals and harmonica to "You", vocals to "Someday", and guitar to "Drunken Driver."  [DGS]


Stealin' Horses (??, ??)
Stealin' Horses

Notes: Neil plays harmonica on "Harriet Tubman."  [DGS]


She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina (2/93, Vanguard 79311)
Buffy Sainte-Marie

Notes: Neil & Crazy Horse are credited as having played on this album, although it isn't clear on which songs. It is possible that they may have played on the whole album, although this is confused further by the fact that Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot are mentioned separately besides the Neil Young and Crazy Horse credit. Jack Nitzsche is credited with doing arrangements to several songs.  This album also includes a cover of "Helpless."[DGS]


Any Road (5/93, Phantom/Spindle?? 13972??)
Randy Bachman

Notes: Randy Bachman is from the bands The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner-Overdrive.  He and Neil go way back to their early days in Winnipeg.  Neil did guitar and vox on the two versions of the song "Prairie Town" [JK].  One version of the song is electric and the other is acoustic with added vocals from The Cowboy Junkies' Margo Timmons.  [C2C]


Philadelphia (Jan. 4 1994, Epic 57624)

Notes: This is the soundtrack to the movie Philadelphia.  Neil wrote and performed the song, "Philadelphia", especially for the movie. [C2C & JM].
The song "I Don't Want To Talk About It" was written by the late Danny Whitten.  Danny was one of the original members of Crazy Horse. This track is performed by The Indigo Girls who also performed it on the TV show "Late Night with David Letterman" on 1/12/94.


The Sultan / Aurora

War Song / The Needle And The Damage Done

Time Fades Away / Last Trip To Tulsa (Live and Electric)

Sample And Hold (dance mix) / Mr. Soul (dance remix) /
Sample And Hold (single version)

This Note's For You / This Note's For You (Live)

Ten Men Workin' / I'm Goin'

Mansion On The Hill / Don't Spook The Horse

       These are some of Neil's singles that have rare tracks [DGS].

                 [see also the "Special Thanks" section in the header]
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     [DGS] David G. Skoglund (
   [FW] FiL Wisneski   (
   [JD] James Demes  (
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